e as the Committee at the Sussex Law Society value our predecessors and would like the maintain their presence within the society as alumni and dedicate a page to showing their work.

Current Committee

President – Charles Mak
Vice President – Amelia Katz
Treasurer – Rohan Bhasin
Secretary – Emily Gibbs
Event Officer – Rachel Smart
Internal Affairs Officer – Gabriella Pini-Colbert
External Affairs Officer – Amani Salam
Careers Officer – April Birring
Bar Officer – Beckie Martin
Pro-Bono Officer – Harley Auerbach


President – Polde Petek
Vice President – Ketan Jha
Treasurer – Harley Auerbach
Secretary – Phoebe Pennington
Internal Affairs Officer – Heidi Burrows
External Affairs Officer – Anousha Vasantha
Careers Officer – Kloe Halls
1st Year Representative – Rebecca Martin


President – Louise De Souza
Vice President – Jermel Anderson
Treasurer – Ollie Temple
Secretary – Claire MacNally
Director of External Affairs – Rohan Jerath
Communications Officer – Rob Pickard
Careers Officer – Carl Wheeler
Social Secretaries – Vicky Moore
Internal Affairs Officer – Jessamy Warren
1st Year Representative – Hannah Lima


President – Benito Colangelo
Vice President – George Potter
Treasurer – Mwamba-Jane Mulenga
Secretary – Roxy Afzali
Executive for External Affairs – Rob Levack
Executive for Internal Affairs – Louis Philpott
Head of Communications – Wes Parker
Head of Education & Careers – Derame Aodesho
Head of Entertainments – Erin Lyon
First Year Representative – Louise De Souza

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