The University of Sussex Law Society


he University of Sussex Law Society exists to enhance the experience of law and non-law students by exposing them to career options and providing opportunities for them to develop their soft skills. The society grows continuously and is affiliated with law firms, recruitment agencies, law schools and is currently looking into developing a Pro-Bono scheme, as well as, searching for direct sponsorship.

As a society we attempt to provide both social, and educational opportunities to our members, with the mandate to ensure that we strive to enhance the student experience, making it the best it can be while studying at Sussex.

  • Supportive
  • Educational
  • Forward-Thinking
  • Academically Challenging
  • Internationally Competitive
  • Socially Aware

Why join us?


he USLS is committed to making your student experience the best it can be. With the assistance of the society, you can be reassured that you will quickly start to feel at home. By joining the society, students are joining a body run by students, for students, where like-minded individuals can meet in a social environment, and where upmost attention is given to furthering your own appreciation of law and making you aware of the career potential and opportunities available. Discounts are available for all society events held throughout the year, and members become eligible to stand for the committee of next year as well as participate in voting.

Membership costs

  • 1 Year – £15
  • 2 Years – £20
  • 3 Years – £30
  • 4+ Years – Please contact us
  • Click here to go to the Sussex Student Union page to purchase your membership (you will need to log in or register first).

    Meet The Committee of 2015-2016

    • Charles Mak
    • Amelia Katz
    • Gabriella Pini-Colbert
    • Amani Salam
    • April Birring
    • Rebecca Martin
    • Rachel Smart
    • Emily Gibbs
    • Rohan Bhasin
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